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Australia's Country Information

Flag of Australia
Name : Australia
Official Name : Commonwealth of Australia
Capital : Canberra
Climate : Generally arid to semi-arid; temperate in south and east; tropical in north
Race : Caucasian 92%, Asian 7%, aboriginal and other 1%.
Language : English, native languages
Official Language : English
Religion : Anglican 26.1%, Roman Catholic 26%, other Christian 24.3%, non-Christian 11%
Government : Democratic, federal-state system recognising the British monarch as sovereign
Population (in mil) : 18.9
Literacy Rate : 99.5%
Visas : Every nationality except New Zealanders need visas.
Tourists visas cost US$22 and are generally valid for six months.
Visas for less than three months are free.
Immunisations : Sunburn, spider bites, snake bites.
Time : There are three time zones: Eastern Standard Time is UTC plus 10 hours, Central Time is UTC plus 9.5 hours and Western Time UTC plus eight hours.
Electricity : 220-240V
Weights & Measures : Metric
Currency : Australian dollar
Travellers Cheque : Travellers cheques generally get a better rate than cash.
Credit Cards : Credit cards are widely accepted.
ATMs all over the country accept credit and Cirrus cards.
Tipping : Tipping is not compulsory
Bargaining :
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