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Doing Business in Australia (with description)

Flag of Australia
Business Attire: Suits are necessary in Sydney and Melbourne. Brisbane business people may wear shirts, ties and shorts; visiting business people should wear lightweight suits for the initial meeting. Prior appointments necessary. Punctuality is important.
Business Practices: Attention should be paid on advance planning, promptness, punctuality, and follow through. Australians are personally gracious, yet informal and direct in their business dealings. Very soon after meeting, Australians do business on a first name basis. Business cards are exchanged for information purposes, but without any special ceremony. A great deal of business is conducted over drinks. Luncheon meetings are common, but Australians do not usually schedule business functions during the evening or on week-ends, which are dedicated to family and friends.
Gifts: Token gift exchange is not common.
Greetings: A largely informal atmosphere prevails; shaking hands is the customary greeting.
Office Hours: 0900-1700 Monday to Friday. Best months for business travel are March to November.
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