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Maldives's Country Information

Flag of Maldives
Name : Maldives
Official Name : Republic of Maldives
Capital : Male (Maale)
Climate : Tropical; hot and humid; dry, northeast monsoon (November to March); rainy southwest monsoon (June to August).
Race : Sinhalese, Dravidian, Arab, African
Language : Maldivian Divehi (dialect of Sinhala, script derived from Arabic), English is spoken by most government officials
Official Language : Divehi
Religion : Sunni Muslim
Government : Republic
Population (in mil) : 0.3
Literacy Rate : 92.6%
Visas : Visas are not required by any nationality except Sri Lankans
Immunisations : Sunburn.
Time : GMT/UTC plus five hours
Electricity : 220-40V, 50 Hz
Weights & Measures : Metric
Currency : Rufiya (Rf)
Travellers Cheque : Travellers' cheques or credit cards such as American Express, Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted. US dollar, British pounds, German marks and Italian lira are all pretty acceptable. Maldivian rufiya is not needed unless you're using local shops and services.
Credit Cards :
Tipping : Although tipping is officially discouraged, it's quite customary to tip room staff and waiters in your resort. US$10 per week is a suitable amount. It is not necessary to tip if the resorts add a 10% service charge to the bill.
Bargaining : Bargaining is limited to tourist shops in and around Singapore Bazaar in Malé and at island village souvenir shops where prices are not fixed.