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Places of Interests Myanmar

Flag of Myanmar
Name: Sule Pagoda
Location: Rangoon
Operating Hours:
Description: Sule Pagoda The octagonal shape of the Sule Pagoda makes it an unusual sight. It is well known to have enshrined a sacred hair of Buddha.
Name: Mandalay Hill
Location: Mandalay
Operating Hours:
Description: Mandalay Hill Offers a spectacular view over the city, Mandalay. With four staircases and a road leading part-way up to an escalator to the top. Entrance to the top = US$3
Name: Inle Lake
Location: Shan State of Taunggyi
Operating Hours:
Description: Inle Lake That is home to a variety of ethnic hilltribes. Famous for the fishermen's unique "one-legged rowing" techniques.
Name: Shwedagon Golden Stupa Pagoda
Location: Rangoon
Operating Hours:
Description: Shwedagon Golden Stupa Pagoda Famous Shwedagon Pagoda in Rangoon is entirely plated with gold.