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Places of Interests Pakistan

Flag of Pakistan
Name: Daro Ruins
Location: Mohenjo
Operating Hours:
Description: Daro Ruins Ruins that is about 4500 years old in southern Pakistan.
Name: Bashai Mosque
Location: Lahore
Operating Hours:
Description: Bashai Mosque An ancient mosque that is frequently prayed by devoted locals.
Name: Lal Suhanra National Park
Location: Punjab
Operating Hours:
Description: Lal Suhanra National Park A wildlife reserve that is situated near Bahawalpur, a town in Punjab.
Name: Archaeological Museum of Baluchistan
Location: Baluchistan
Operating Hours:
Description: Archaeological Museum of Baluchistan A great place to buy onyx, marble and some of the finest carpets in Pakistan.
Name: Empress Market
Location: Karachi
Operating Hours:
Description: Empress Market A busy street with many shops that sell everything you can think of.
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