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Festivals in Singapore (with description)

Flag of Singapore
Festival Name Description
Chinese New Year: Falls in January or February, depending on the Chinese lunar calendar.
Festival is welcomed in with dragon dances and parades.
Must see : Chinatown is lit up and get cosy with the night markets, especially set up for this festive season.
Ramadan: Food stalls are set up in the evening in the Arab St district, near the Sultan mosque.
Must visit : Geylang Serai, one of the theme villages in Singapore, featuring Malay culture.
Must try : Malay sweets and dessert, finger food and many others.
Hari Raya Puasa: Marks the end of Ramadan in January or February
Three days of joyful celebrations.
Vesak Day: Falls in April or May celebrates Buddha's birth, enlightenment and death.
Marked by various events, including the release of caged birds to symbolise the setting free of captive souls.
Dragon Boat Festival: Held in May or June commemorates the death of a Chinese saint who drowned himself as a protest against government corruption.
Celebrated with boat races across Marina Bay.
Must try : rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves.
Festival of the Hungry Ghosts: Usually celebrated in September. Depending on the Chinese lunar calendar.
Chinese believes that the souls of the dead are released for feasting and entertainment on earth.
Chinese operas are performed for them and food is offered to the ghosts, that eat the spirit of the food but thoughtfully leave the substance for the mortal celebrants.
Thaipusam: Held in October for the next couple of years, as according to the lunar calendar.
One of the most dramatic Hindu festivals and is now banned in India.
Devotees honour Lord Subramaniam by piercing their bodies with needles.
Must see : devotees march in procession from the Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple on Serangoon Rd to the Chettiar Hindu Temple on Tank Rd.