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Doing Business in Vietnam (with description)

Flag of Vietnam
Greetings: The traditional Vietnamese greeting is a bow, with the hands together. Men will shake hands with foreigners but women usually do not.
Introductions: Vietnamese names are given in the following order: Surname, middle name, given name. There are very few Vietnamese surnames (such as Nguyen, pronounced "n'win") hence people are addressed with Mr., Madam, Mrs. or Miss and their given name.
Appointments: Mornings are preferred for appointments. Meetings can also be held on Saturday mornings, since most Vietnamese work a six-day week.

The first meeting is usually for a social purpose therefore business is the last thing ever discussed in meetings.

Negotiating: Do not be alarmed!!! During the war, North Vietnam was allied with the USSR. As a result, some important Vietnamese may use aggressive Russian negotiating techniques: shouting, temper tantrums, pounding on desks and walking out in a huff.
Entertaining: Many officials and executives do not have private offices. Meetings are held in conference rooms. You will be offered tea, or sometimes, coffee. Accept what ever you are served.