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Doing Business in Bangladesh (with description)

Flag of Bangladesh
Business Attire: Tropical-weight suits or shirt and tie are recommended. Suits or lounge suits are necessary when calling on Bengali officials. Women should wear trousers or long skirts; revealing clothes should be avoided, particularly when visiting religious places. Dressing for men is generally informal.
Exchange of Business Cards: Cards are given and usual courtesies are observed.

Visitors should not be misled by the high illiteracy rate and low educational level of most of the population. Given the opportunity, Bangladeshis prove to be good business people and tough negotiators.

Advice on Local Conventions: In someone's home it is acceptable to sit crossed-legged on cushions or the sofa. If a visitor wishes to bring a gift, money must not be given as it may cause offence.

Religious customs should be respected by guests. For instance, women should not be specifically photographed unless it is certain that there will be no objection.