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Doing Business in China (with description)

Flag of China
Chinese Virtue: Chinese are noted for good manners and hospitality as they regard harmony as superior to competition, value righteousness, despises profit, stresses equality and under emphasises beneficial results from individual action.

Chinese pay greater attention to human feelings, render favours to others and are loyal to their friends. They are generally reserve and do not advocate competition.

Harmonious Relationship: When doing business, Chinese always consider the interests of both parties to achieve a win-win goal, so as to maintain a harmonious relationship with their business associates.

An oral promise can be more important than a contract even though a written contract has a more legality effect than an oral one. Hence, a harmonious relationship will carry invisible weight than the terms of a contract.

Important decision making is often made over a banquet feast as Chinese prefer an atmosphere of friendliness and ease rather than a formal one.