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Places of Interests China

Flag of China
Name: Imperial Palace
Location: Beijing
Operating Hours:
Description: Imperial Palace Also called the "Forbidden City', it is the palace of the former emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasty. Entrance fee is CNY60.
Name: Chang Cheng (Great Wall)
Operating Hours:
Description: Chang Cheng (Great Wall) Built as a protection against the Mongols from the north, it is a major tourist attraction and a place of historical significance.
Name: Army of Terracotta Warriors
Location: Xi'an
Operating Hours:
Description: Army of Terracotta Warriors More than 7,000 life-sized tomb figures of warriors and horses buried with the First Qin Emperor in 210-209 BC.
Name: The Silk Road
Location: Starts in Luoyang and Xi'an, reaches the Yellow River at Lanzhou, and beyond the edge of deserts and mountains.
Operating Hours:
Description: The Silk Road Before the discovery of the sea route to India, the Silk Road was the most important connection between the Orient and the West.
Name: Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve
Location: Northwest Sichuan
Operating Hours:
Description: Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve Lush vegetation, grass steppes, glaciers, clear lakes, waterfalls and rivers. Catch a glimpse of a variety of rare animals, including the giant panda.